Tuesday, August 11, 2009

First Steps in Integration of Technology


As one of the recipients of the Avi Chai Cost Savings Grants the South Palm Beach County's three Jewish Day Schools, Donna Klein Jewish Academy, Hillel Day School of Boca Raton and Weinbaum Yeshiva High School have hired a Shared Technology Integration Specialist, Kathie Yuz, who will work on integrating curriculum development with an emphasis on Judaica.

Kathie Yuz is a technology specialist who worked at CAJE-Miami for the last 22 years and assisted the Jewish Day Schools of South Florida "to get wired for the 21st Century."

Some of the other areas that we will be working on improving and implementing are:

  • Assessing teachers knowledge and needs.
  • Design - Determining appropriate strategies.
  • Development - "The Lesson Plan"
  • Implementation - "The Lesson Checklist"
  • Evaluation and Redesign - On Implementing Technology
  • Creating a Shared Technology Vision
  • To Acquire and Budget for Consistent and Adequate Funding
  • Setting up a mini-district for joint purchasing.
  • Provision of consistent and reliable technology support.
  • Create an engaged community of schools.
  • Encompass Ongoing Professional Learning

This grant will impact close to 1,400 students and 220 teachers. As the 2009/10 academic school year approaches we are excited to embark on this project and look forward to hearing from our constituents and to sharing our progress.

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