Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Step One in Integration of Technology

The New Year 5770 brings with it the excitement of new pursuits. The “big buzz for 5770” is in the integration of technology into the various subject areas in the three (3) Jewish day schools in Boca Raton Florida.

An eleven (11) step process has been outlined in advancing the integration of technology into the classroom. Step A in our first step had the teachers take an online survey where they assessed their knowledge of technology and what their individual needs are. The survey was sent to Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle and High School teachers. Step B will be the “Shared” Technology Integration Specialist visiting the classrooms to get a more in-depth appreciative understanding of how technology is impacting the classroom.

Survey results: Why use technology in the classroom?

A number of teacher motivations:

1. Desire to address various learning styles.
2. Belief that students will benefit from exposure.
3. Provide access to resources beyond the school.
4. Ability to increase students’ access to course material.
5. Ability to manage administrative tasks more effectively.
6. Availability of classroom equipment.
7. Encouragement from students.
8. Ability to facilitate communication with students.
9. Reliability of technology at the school.
10. Inspiration from peers.

Some student motivations:

1. Engaging students in learning activities using technology that require them to analyze information, think creatively, make predications and draw conclusions.
2. Students can showcase their learning using technology rather than traditional paper reports.

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