Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Step One - Part B in Integration of Technology

The schools have entered into part B of Step One. They have identified the first cohort of teachers that the Shared Integration Specialist will work with. The first step will be to visit the classrooms to get a more in-depth appreciative understanding of how technology is impacting the classroom. She will also meet individually with each teacher. During the individual meetings she will be able to collaboratively develop with each of the teachers a plan of action.

The schools have identified their first priority as listed below:

 Donna Klein Jewish Academy has identified the high school.
 Hillel Day School of Boca Raton has identified the early childhood.
 Weinbaum Yeshiva High School has identified teachers in different areas of the high school.

This first process will involve teachers in both Judaic and Secular classes.
The excitement in each of the schools to advance the integration of technology is electrifying. The teachers want to address the needs of their students in the field of technology. They witness that the students are proficient in using technology from the perspective of a four-year old to a high school senior.

Another form of integration of technology is to share the expertise from one school to another. Our first venture had one of the High School Math teachers’ at Donna Klein Jewish Academy present how technology can enhance the learning of Algebra, Geometry, Calculus and Statistics. Our second venture will be to have the head of the IT department at Weinbaum Yeshiva High School work with the Videography department at Donna Klein Jewish Academy on the MAC/Apple. Our third venture will be with a head teacher at Hillel Day School of Boca Raton share her expertise on the use of SmartBoard in the elementary classroom.

And so we begin.....