Friday, February 5, 2010

Joint announcement from the Hamilton Hebrew Academy and Kehila Jewish Community Day School made by the Hamilton Jewish Federation in September

Our Hamilton Jewish Community Day Schools have worked together to obtain a grant generously funded by the AVI CHAI Foundation. The grant monies will be used to expand the academic program and establish a New Jewish Middle School. This school will amalgamate the best of both institutions to better serve the entire community and strive for educational excellence and inclusivity of all members of the community. In addition to a common general curriculum, two tracks of Judaic Studies will be offered. Students will discover how Judaism brings meaning to their lives, foster a love of Jewish culture and develop a strong Jewish identity. The goal will be to cultivate informed, passionate and creative members of the Jewish community with a love for Jewish learning and a strong connection to Israel. Children will be given the opportunity to explore classic Jewish texts. Parents will be allowed to choose which track better suits their needs -whether it is a more cultural approach or a more text based approach. By offering two tracks the school will be able to better address the diverse needs of all students - those who will continue their eduction in the public school system as well as those who will be furthering their studies at a Jewish high school in Toronto. The incoming Federation President, together with the leadership of both schools, has worked very hard to develop a framework for this new pilot program. As we move forward, we welcome input from the community and strive for complete inclusivity of all members of our diverse community. This middle school initiative, based at the HHA, represents a true collaborative effort from the individuals in the community striving for excellence in education for our children.

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