Monday, February 22, 2010

A wiki for three


I am the new Technology Integration Specialist for Donna Klein Jewish Academy, Hillel Day School, and Weinbaum Yeshiva. My job is to work with teachers at each school in curriculum and technology integration. I have been working for two weeks already and I have spent most of my time meeting with different teachers so that they get to know me and trying to figure out how we can work together.

I am working with one of the teachers for a digital video project he is doing at the HS and we are working on learning a specific video editing software. I have met with other teachers to figure out ways we can work together whether it is on a specific project for their students or a specific skill they want to work on.

I am having my first group technology training at one of the schools on Monday March 1st so I have spent time trying to find a 'tool' that I can introduce to teachers, hopefully I will be able to find a tool that most of the departments find useful.

I have also build a wiki site for all three schools. The goal of this site is to create a database of tools for teachers to use and also for teachers to share with each other. The ideal goal is to have all teachers become members of this site so that they can add other resources, collaboratively share ideas and resources for technology and curriculum integration, and maybe eve have online conversations about how to improve their teaching.

My goal right now is to work with at least 3 teachers per school on big projects as well as with others on smaller projects or ideas.

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