Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Updates from the HJMS Development Committee

The HJMS development committee has been working on various social programs to help the students and families coming from the two schools to get to know each other better.
  • A Friday morning Kabalat Shabbat program which involved grade 5 students from both the HHA and Kehila was successful. All feedback was positive and students got a chance to see what a typical Friday program is at the HJMS.
  • A Shabbat dinner for families of all three schools (HHA/Kehila/HJMS) was planned and executed. Students from each of the schools prepared songs and presentations. The parents were able to spend some time together and get to know each other better.
  • The committee is planning some more social (outside of school) events for the near future for both parents & students. Last night about 20 parents from both schools got together at a local coffee shop to get to know each other and discuss developments.

The following is a snapshot of what has been going on in the new HJMS Dual Track Judaic Studies classes this year since December. (primarily grade 6 as this is the grade that has the new unique dual track pilot curriculum):

  • Chanukah: Both tracks collaborated on a video about Jewish pride that was shown at the Chanukah dinner. The students utilized interviewing and other research and communication skills.
  • Tu Bishvat: Both tracks did an integrated project about conservation in Judaism. Each student developed a wishing tree in which they placed a wish. They could make any wish they wanted; however, they were encouraged to make their wish about integrating conservation into their daily lives. Each student wrote a journal entry about the experience. PowerPoint was used in this project.
  • Purim: All of the students are studying the natural versus the miracle.
  • Passover: The class created their own Hagadah with all commentaries by the students themselves.
  • The Source-based track did a project about the origins of their Jewish name. The students used Multi Media to make their presentations.
  • The Cultural track has been studying Torah and Ethics. They have focused on various mitzvot. The upcoming focus for this track is on self e.g. my own personal connection to God and a healthy self-esteem).
  • In Jewish History, the students have been continuing to study ancient Israeli history. They have been looking at the book of Samuel, and at visuals of life in Israel. They also have been learning about all of the history of the Israel and the modern Jewish State of Israel.

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