Friday, June 11, 2010

Technology Workshop

All three schools are either closed for the summer, teachers are finishing grading their finals, inputting grades into the school systems, and the smell of sunscreen is what lingers through the hallways. Some teachers have been brave enough to continue learning and growing as professionals through two different workshops that we have planned for them.
At DKJA, we had an administrators workshop where we discussed the integration of digital portfolios into the curriculum starting next year. Digital portfolios are a way to engage students with their learning, personal branding and self-marketing, and assessment.We had a conversation with the administrators about the benefits of digital portfolios and their reactions were VERY positive. We will hopefully be implementing digital portfolios in the English department next year and any other teacher interested is also welcome to try it out. We will be using Google Apps for Educators.During our session, we also discussed the uses of Blogging in the classroom as well as for the school administrators. We brainstormed about ways that blogging can be used for marketing, development, communication with parents, etc. We hope to begin using blogs in some capacity next year.

Here are a few snapshots from our workshop:

Now, for an even more exciting event, and I saw exciting because it involves Collaboration amongst two of the schools. WYHS and DKJA teachers got together to learn how to use the SmartBoard. Some teachers were veteran users, while some were learning about the software and the SmartBoard for the first time. The teachers loved learning the different ways they can use the SmartBoard interactively with their students. We hope that these trouper teachers will bring their creativity and their new 21st Century skills into their classrooms next year.
Here are a few snapshots from the SmartBoard Training:

In the meantime, have a good summer.