Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Welcome back to school!

All three schools are almost back in session. Just in time to go on vacation for almost all the month of September for the Jewish Holidays.

The summer was very quite here in Boca Raton. I was fortunate enough to attend a technology conference with two other colleagues from Donna Klein Jewish Academy during the month of June. The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)
The conference was great as we got to learn about what other schools around the country and the world are doing in terms of technology integration. We participated in Google Earth workshops, Video production Workshops, we learned about podcasting and visual communication. We all came back fired up to bring new ideas to the school.

During the month of August I have been working on setting goals for myself for the year and figuring out what are the projects that I will be working on at each school during the year.
Aside from what I am doing at each school, I have continued to update the collaborative wiki I have set for all three schools and I am hoping it will be a go to place for teachers this year to find resources and eventually post their own.

Donna Klein Jewish Academy
At DKJA we are looking to improve collaboration amongst faculty and students. Therefore, we will be introducing Google Apps to the staff and the students throughout the year. I will be training the Technology Facilitator Team on Google Docs during the month of September and then they will train small groups of teachers starting in October. The goal of the training is to expose the teachers to Google Docs, and to get them to begin collaborating on documents with their colleagues and to introduce this wonderful tool to their students.
A big part of what we want to accomplish this year is to pilot a digital portfolio project in the English department and we believe that the Google platform will enable this project to succeed. I will be posting on the progress of this during the year.
In addition to the digital portfolio project and Google Apps, I will be working with the teachers at the school helping them to learn new tools as well as in technology infused project-based learning.

Weinbaum Yeshiva High School
WYHS has not started classes yet, but teachers are back to work. Earlier this week I hosted two workshops for interested teachers. I introduced Blogging and Podcasting to the teachers in two short workshops were I showed them what they both are and we brainstormed how they can use these tools with their students.
We have also selected a group of teachers that I will be working with to help them infuse their curriculum with technology (where needed).

Hillel Day School
At Hillel we will continue to work on the technology standards and begin implementing them. The teachers that were working with me on the technology committee have started thinking what they want to work on with their students that the computer teacher can help them out with. For example, the English teacher is beginning the year teaching her students MLA formatting for a paper. The computer teacher will then teach them how to format a paper, how to insert headers and footers during her class.
With the first graders we will begin the year making a classroom alphabet book using the kidspiration software. Students will each be assigned a letter of the alphabet and then will come to the lab to create a concept map with images that correspond with the letter they are assigned. ex: A Apple, alligator etc....

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